2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog 
    Jun 14, 2024  
2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CJ 261 Law Enforcement Operational Skills: Reserve (10 credits)

Prerequisite Must be sponsored by an accredited Law Enforcement Agency and approved by the Criminal Justice Program Coordinator. NCIC/WASIC checks required.

Course Description
A course designed to familiarize students with operational procedures, expectations and competencies needed to obtain “Reserve” status through participation and successful completion of an approved Law Enforcement Reserve academy/program. *Law Enforcement Agency sponsorship and Criminal Justice Department approval required. Criminal history background checks are required.

Student Outcomes
1. Identify factors and sources of “Criminal Procedures” in a variety of scenarios.
2. Understand the premise, role and sources of substantive criminal law as it pertains to a law enforcement officer’s duties.
3. Delineate the elements of a variety of crimes and degree of same.
4. Apply the intent of legislation, statutory definitions and duties of law enforcement in regard to the complexities of Domestic Violence.
5. Reflect upon one’s own personal bias and beliefs and the impact of such while communicating with and serving diverse populations.
6. Construct legally defensible, non-judgmental, behaviorally specific, and grammatically correct documents and reports.
7. Minimize conflict/crisis through cross-cultural communication and negotiations.
8. Respond appropriately to a variety of patrol situations to include procedures, arrests, search, seizure and documentation.
9. Appraise philosophical nuances of community policing and identify working/non-working models.
10. Successfully demonstrate appropriate traffic enforcement in a variety of traffic scenarios.
11. Explain and demonstrate the correct method of collecting, preserving, marking and transporting common types of evidence in various scenarios.
12. Administer a number of defensive tactics techniques in simulated situations.
13. Execute firearm safety and proficiency in simulated situations.
14. Articulate various liability issues involved in Use of Force situations.
15. Demonstrate the ability to drive a police vehicle competently under simulated emergency conditions.
16. Perform in an ethical manner aligned with the stated mission and goals of that agency.
17. Implement strategies as a member of a diverse team or group in a manner that is inclusive, and culturally sensitive that supports stated mission and goals.

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