2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog 
    Dec 05, 2023  
2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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POLS& 202 American Government (5 credits)

Distribution Area Fulfilled Social Sciences; General Transfer Elective
Formerly POLS 202 - CCN

Course Description
A description and analysis of the institutions, processes, and ideas that make up the American political and governmental system.

Student Outcomes
1. Define important Political Science terms and concepts necessary for the comprehension of subject matter and for further study in the discipline.
2. Analyze the historical factors that led to the creation of the United States’ political system and Constitution.
3. Apply the principles of the US Constitution to identify the powers of government institutions and the rights of individuals and groups.
4. Identify the political, historical and contextual factors that shape the power of individuals, groups and institutions.
5. Define the power arrangement between national and sub-national governments within confederate, federal and unitary governmental systems.
6. Explain the formal and informal influences of the law-making process including the creation, passage and execution of bills into laws.
7. Articulate differences between American political ideologies and situate one’s own beliefs in relation to them.
8. Evaluate the effectiveness and fairness of US campaigns and elections.
9. Distinguish between high quality and low quality sources of political information.
10. Identify and evaluate the varieties of bias in the media.
11. Identify the ideologies and bases of support of the main political parties in the United States, as well as how these have changed over time.
12. Analyze the evolution of civil rights and civil liberties in the United States.
13. Critique the extent to which current American political institutions and practices measure up to democratic principles.
14. Advocate for one’s own views effectively and civilly.
15. Evaluate how the rules, institutions and operation of the US political system differentially impacts the rights and opportunities of individuals and groups in the United States.
16. Apply political science concepts and theories to the interpretation of current events and controversies in American politics.

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