2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DHYG 411 Advanced Dental Hygiene Practice I (7 credits)

Prerequisite Current enrollment in Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene program.

Course Description
The fifth in a series of seven linked courses to develop advanced dental hygiene clinical skills required for the safe and effective practice of dental hygiene. This course applies knowledge in dental hygiene theory and science from DHYG 410. Collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data using American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines.

Student Outcomes
1. Using your clinical, inter-intra-professional, didactic and professional association activities, continue development of your ePortfolio showing evidence of continued growth and documentation:
a. clinical competency in the safe and effective practice of clinical dental hygiene skills in order to comprehensively treat persons/patients with an increasing level of oral disease(s) severity; successful or reasonable patient treatment outcomes; optional or recommended treatment needs rendered by other oral health professionals and as appropriately referred; and dental hygiene diagnosis, treatment planning, scheduling, case documentation and presentation using clinic and office technology to an acceptable level.

2. In a clinic setting with progressively more complex patient oral health dental hygiene therapy(ies) needs, specifically moderate to advanced periodontal diseases on patients with significant health or dental management concerns, continue to accurately and consistently develop skills in all Student Outcomes from previous lab and clinical courses (DHYG 301, 311, 321, 401).

3.Using current evidence-based science in a clinical setting on patients with progressively more complex oral health dental hygiene therapy(ies) needs (moderate to advanced periodontal diseases) and complicated by systemic disease(s), accurately and consistently:
a. increased proficiency in all aspects of dental hygiene therapy without compromising patient treatment outcomes/care.
b. the correct application of ultrasonic instrumentation including tip and patient selection.
c. identify, treatment plan and implement developing root planing techniques on patients requiring this advanced dental hygiene therapy.
d. apply the accurate CDT codes for legal documentation, accuracy of patient oral health records, and correct fee reimbursement as applicable.
e. Accurately identify and describe the criteria for conducting a microbial assay on an appropriate patient using the correct technique.
f. demonstrate ethical and professional behaviors consistent with a dental hygiene professional, and in compliance with the policies and procedures detailed in the Pierce College Student Handbook, the Pierce College Dental Hygiene Student Handbook and accompanying Clinic Policies, and the American Dental Hygiene Associations’ Code of Ethics.

4. Demonstrate professionalism and communication skills using correct terminology and vocabulary necessary to discuss the oral health treatment plan and procedures with patients, peers, and other health care professionals and health care teams to foster wellness and healthy behaviors.

5. Consistently and accurately self-assess your application of dental hygiene theory and techniques in patient assessment, dental hygiene diagnosis, treatment planning, radiology, treatment documentation and dental hygiene skills to develop the ability to assess yourself, and if applicable, your healthcare team to confirm and verify quality patient care. (Quality patient care parameters will vary from patient to patient.)

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