2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog 
    Apr 25, 2024  
2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DHYG 415 Advanced Periodontology (2 credits)

Prerequisite Current enrollment in Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene program.

Course Description
A continuation of DHYG 325 and 405 focused on advanced, scientific methods and technology used in dental hygiene examination, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with periodontal diseases.

Student Outcomes
1. Describe and apply occlusion principles as they relate to the periodontium and periodontal diseases.
2. Discuss rationale for occlusal adjustments and occlusal evaluations.
3. Cite and demonstrate the procedural steps for conducting an occlusal evaluation. (Lab linked to DHYG 411.)
4. Discuss the purpose and indication for orthodontics as it relates to periodontal diseases and periodontal therapy.
5. Identify various occlusal splints and discuss their properties, function, advantages, and disadvantages.
6. Discuss rationale and demonstrate procedural steps in re-evaluation using current prognostic and diagnostic skills.
7. Analyze the indications, objectives, and goals of osseous (resective) surgery.
8. Analyze the indications, objectives, and goals of various soft and hard tissue grafting techniques, crown lengthening, gingivoplasty, ridge augmentation, and any other best practices of current surgical techniques.
9.Accurately describe and discuss dental implant care.
10.Discuss and describe the various lasers for use in periodontal therapy and their functions.
11.Discuss and describe indications, contraindications/limitations, and potential future applications for lasers in periodontal therapy.
12.Accurately define and discuss periodontal maintenance criteria for application in clinical patient care.
13.Accurately justify, compare, contrast and extrapolate criteria for individual patient cases in determining periodontal maintenance regimen for application in clinical patient care.
14. Discuss the criteria for, advantages and disadvantages, and describe the use of local antimicrobials/chemotherapeutic agents and adjunctive therapies. (Demonstration to an acceptable beginning level conducted in DHYG 411-431 series.)
15. Identify and evaluate current systemic antibiotic therapies in periodontal treatment, their indications, rationale for use, contraindications, and goals of therapy.

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