2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog 
    Apr 25, 2024  
2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DHYG 439 Senior Seminar Capstone (1 credit)

Prerequisite Currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene.

Course Description
Develop career strategies and leadership to build interdisciplinary teams that expand the vision of oral health professionals, culminating in a capstone project as part of an exiting ePortfolio.

Student Outcomes
1. Adapt to shifts in roles, settings, and obstacles that arise as a dental hygiene leader, with attention to ethical, financial, and management considerations.
2. Design a community-based/global Emergency Management Plan integrating the dental hygienist into the healthcare emergency team.  
3. Compare and contrast advanced and non-traditional dental hygiene therapies and emerging dental hygienist roles.
4. Identify advanced and non-traditional dental hygienist employment settings to perform restorative and/or other advanced or non-traditional dental therapies, regionally and worldwide

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