2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog 
    Feb 23, 2024  
2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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HSEM 450 Workbased Learning for HSEM (5 credits)

Prerequisite Current enrollment in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Homeland Security Emergency Management program.

Course Description
The Homeland Security Emergency Management Workbased Learning (WBL) experience provides students with “real world experiences”. The focus of the WBL is application and an opportunity to refine and apply core skills, with a specific emphasis on Leader

Student Outcomes
1.0 Working with your Workbased Learning (WBL) supervisor and HSEM instructor, design and implement a feasible project plan.
1.1 Identify a specific and measurable deliverable, service, or work product.

2.0 Working with the WBL supervisor and HSEM instructor identify at least three learning objectives.
2.1 Articulate how these objectives will be accomplished.

3.0 Describe the WBL site including its history and culture.
3.1 Describe how the organization interacts with other organizations and the community it serves.

4.0 Create a Personal Improvement Plan and update the plan throughout the WBL project.
4.1 Collaborate at regular intervals with the WBL site supervisor to seek opportunities to learn new skills, realign expectations and duties, or change responsibilities.

5.0 Identify and evaluate the effectiveness of emergency management procedures used at your Workbased Learning site.

6.0 Analyze various types of training and exercises used by the organization and their specific purposes and objectives.
6.1 Apply solid foundation of knowledge and skills to assume leadership roles in emergency management, homeland security, and /or public policy

7.0 Create a final Project Report that identifies how the learning objectives were met and the services provided, including a copy of all deliverables and work products.

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