2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog 
    Oct 02, 2023  
2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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HSEM 460 Research Methods in HSEM (5 credits)

Prerequisite Current enrollment in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Homeland Security Emergency Management program.

Course Description
This is a comprehensive course covering major analytical and statistical tools used in Homeland Security Emergency Management program administration.

Student Outcomes
1.0 Assess the value and impact of academic research to the practice of emergency management.

2.0 Develop a plan for conducting a Homeland Security research project that will address a current issue or problem.
2.1 Develop the elements of a research strategy for data evaluation and critical analysis.
2.2 Communicate findings in a coherent, well-organized written work.

3.0 Analyze three research papers and evaluate them for ethical considerations.
3.1 Articulate the critical elements related to the integrity of the research and outcomes.

4.0 Develop an evaluation tool or rubric to validate academic research that would be applicable to a Homeland Security topic or problem.
4.1 Verify and validate the rubric by evaluating an applied research project.

5.0 Compare and contrast various data collection methods, determining the strengths and limitations of each, and when to implement them.
5.1 Describe the application of various research tools used to collect, analyze, and integrate information into a research project.
5.2 Research and develop a written assessment of best practices in the emergency field.

6.0 Apply the appropriate citation guidelines for a research project for the emergency management community.

7.0 Develop a research project that will contribute to the practice of emergency management integrating research methodology, validated data and analysis, and standard business writing skills.
7.1 Design and conduct a trend analysis.
7.2 Using a case study, identify critical operations as a part of a comprehensive risk analysis.

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