2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog 
    Feb 21, 2024  
2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ABE 011 Beginning ABE Literacy Writing 1 (1 to 5 credits)

Course Description
Designed for students to learn and/or review beginning grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and paragraph structure.

Student Outcomes
W1.1 Determine the purpose and the audience for communicating in writing.
W1.2 Follow a highly structured, externally developed plan (or text model) to organize information about self and/or related to immediate needs in very simple structures such as lists or responses to prompts for everyday information.
W1.3 Write all letters of the alphabet and numbers and appropriately use simple, everyday, highly familiar words (personal names, signatures, addresses), numbers (dates, phone #s, addresses, prices, etc) and simple phrases to convey information with minimal attention to audience. Appropriately use everyday, familiar vocabulary to produce several sentences on a familiar topic.
W1.4 Make a few simple content changes based on review and feedback from others.
W1.5 Make a few simple edits of handwriting, spelling, punctuation and capitalization

2. Goal Setting
G1.1 Monitor progress on educational goals as they relate to their roles as students, workers, citizens, and family members.

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