2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog 
    Dec 05, 2021  
2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog
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ABE 053 ABE Low Adult Secondary Education - Reading/Writing (1 to 15 credits)

Course Description
Designed for students to learn and/or review advanced grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, paragraph development and reading comprehension in preparation for passing of the GED exam.

Student Outcomes
1. Writing
W5.1 Determine the purpose and the audience for communicating in writing.
W5.2 Select from and use a good store of tools and strategies for overall planning and organization; outline, restate, summarize and categorize ideas and produce a legible and comprehensible draft.
W5.3 Appropriately use both everyday and specialized vocabulary including abstract nouns and idioms, and a variety of sentence structures, in medium-length, coherently-linked, and detailed text with appropriate tone, language, and level of formality and in modes of organization suitable for a variety of audience.
W5.4 Use a variety of strategies to analyze and make simple revisions (such as for clarity, organization, and descriptiveness) and to solve a few more global problems posed by the writing text (such as changes in voice or tone to take into account the needs of the audience or re-sequencing of larger pieces of text based on feedback from others).
W5.5 Undertake multiple re-readings of text in order to edit for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, language usage, and text structure and use appropriate tools such as dictionaries and grammar guides.
2. Reading
R5.1 Recognize and interpret abbreviations and specialized vocabulary.
R5.2 Demonstrate familiarity with everyday and some specialized content knowledge and vocabulary and with paragraph structure and document organization.
R5.3 Locate important information, read identified sections for detail and determine missing information using a wide range of strategies.
R5.4 Monitor and enhance comprehension by using a wide range of strategies
R5.5 Evaluate prior knowledge against new information in texts to enhance understanding of the information.
R5.6 Organize and analyze information and reflect upon a range of strategies such as classification, categorization, and comparison/contrast.3. Goal Setting
G5.1 Monitor progress on educational goals as they relate to their roles as students, workers, citizens, and family members.

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