2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog 
    Jan 25, 2022  
2021-2022 Pierce College Catalog
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ABE 095 Workplace Fundamentals (1 to 5 credits)

Course Description
A motivational and supportive employability training course focused on the development of educational training, and/or work plans for achieving long-term employment goals. Focus on development of attitude and self-management skills appropriate to educational settings and the work place.

Student Outcomes
1. Evaluate work interests, values, skills and aptitudes related to a vocational choice. (A,B,C)
2. Analyze life experiences in order to identify skills transferable to the workplace. (A,C,E,F)
3. Research general and local career opportunities. (A,B,E)
4. Identify barriers to success and strategies for successful completion of goals. (A,B,C,E)
5. Develop an action plan for short- and long-term employment goals. (A,B,C,E)
6. Use job search strategies by preparing a draft application, resume, and cover letter. (A,E,F)
7. Identify behavior guidelines for the interview process and participate in a mock interview. (A,D,E,G)
8. Model appropriate work behaviors and practices. (A,C,D,G)
9. List effective communication techniques in workplace and educational settings. (C,D,E)
10. Apply self-care and life skills to personal growth and development. (A,C,G)

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