2022-2023 Pierce College Catalog 
    Oct 02, 2023  
2022-2023 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MATHC 146 Introduction to Statistics Lab (2 credits)

Prerequisite Concurrent enrollment in MATH& 146  

Course Description
This is a support class that is attached to a corequisite MATH& 146 class for students who have not met the MATH& 146 prerequisites. Topics to be covered are those prerequisite skills necessary to learn the content of MATH& 146, such as numeracy, proportional reasoning, equations/formulas, inequalities, graphs and skills for academic success.

Course Content
A. Numeracy
B. Proportional Reasoning
C. Equations/Formulas
D. Inequalities
E. Graphs
F. Skills for Academic Success

Student Outcomes
1. Demonstrate the ability to compare the magnitude of real numbers when testing hypotheses.

2. Use proportions to analyze real-world data.

3. Demonstrate the ability to evaluate a variety of statistical equations and formulas.

4. Utilize inequalities to create histograms, analyze probabilities, and test hypotheses.

5. Use graphing skills to display data in an appropriate form.

6. Utilize study skills to comprehend, retain, and apply class content.

7. Employ time management techniques, test-taking strategies, a growth mindset, and resourcefulness to achieve academic success.

8. Apply reading strategies such as Reading Apprenticeship to analyze contextualized problems in Statistics.

9. Engage with peers and the course instructor to build relationships and develop community.

Degree Outcomes
Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning: Students utilize mathematical, symbolic, logical, graphical, geometric, or statistical analysis for the interpretation and solution of problems in the natural world and human society. Critical, Creative and Reflective Thinking: Students will be able to question, search for answers and meaning, and develop ideas that lead to action.

Lecture Contact Hours 20
Lab Contact Hours 0
Clinical Contact Hours 0
Total Contact Hours 20

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