2022-2023 Pierce College Catalog 
    Sep 27, 2022  
2022-2023 Pierce College Catalog
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ENGLC 101 Corequisite English Composition (2 credits)

Distribution Area Fulfilled General Elective
Course Description
This course offers corequisite support for ENGL&101, providing students with extended instruction in college-level composition. Concepts include reading and writing processes, rhetorical situations, metacognition, and information competency, and academic support services.

Course Content
Reading process strategies
Writing process strategies
Rhetorical situations
Text-based metacognitive awareness
Information competency
Awareness and application of academic support services

Student Outcomes
1. Identify reading process strategies and apply these strategies to one’s composition work.

2. Identify writing process strategies and apply these strategies to one’s composition work.

3. Analyze how compositions are shaped by rhetorical situations, including purpose, audience, and context. Use digital tools within their reading, writing and research processes to produce complex, edited, and sharable work.

4. Demonstrate critical self-reflection skills within the context of developing one’s own writing.

5. Describe how linguistic diversity relates to a writer’s rhetorical choices and writing for specific communities and apply this knowledge to a variety of rhetorical situations.

6. Apply information gained in working with peers, course instructor, and academic support services, including but not limited to Writing Center tutors and librarians, to one’s own reading and writing processes.

Degree Outcomes
Effective Communication: Graduates will be able to exchange messages in a variety of contexts using multiple methods.

Communication: Graduates identify, analyze, and evaluate rhetorical strategies in one’s own and other’s writing in order to communicate effective.

Lecture Contact Hours 20
Lab Contact Hours 0
Clinical Contact Hours 0
Total Contact Hours 20

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