2020-2021 Pierce College Catalog 
    Dec 01, 2023  
2020-2021 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Business Management (BAS-ABM) Course Map

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Created by Pierce faculty, this map outlines the baccalaureate-level coursework for this career field. It provides you a clear path to complete your degree by listing a specific set of courses relevant to your program and career.  The map is designed with the appropriate number of credits and meets degree requirements. Courses are organized in a recommended sequence; please schedule accordingly. If a course is unavailable, select the next appropriate course within the sequence. For each course, a purpose statement explains how the content relates to your career field. On this map, there may be instances when you will be required to select a course from several options. Use these purpose statements and notes to choose the course that best aligns with your interests and needs. You will also find action items to complete to assure you progress and graduate on time. While this map is a great guide to courses required to complete the Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Business Management, you are responsible for fulfilling all degree requirements. Questions? Your Success Network is ready to help you!

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Business Management (BASABM) is a cohort-based, two-year, professional degree that prepares students for high demand entry and management positions in for-profit and non-profit organizations. A focus on systems thinking, adaptive strategies, and hands-on learning help graduates have the skills and knowledge to develop innovative and practical solutions to today’s complex business challenges. This degree offers a mix of technical, transferrable, and lifelong learning skills to help its graduates thrive in our rapidly changing world. Career pathways include positions in human resource development, marketing, project management, sales, and supervision.

Admission Requirements

The following entrance requirements facilitate successful completion of 300 and 400 level BAS-ABM courses in a timely fashion. Advisors and program navigators work closely with students at the associate level to develop education plans that meet admission requirements.  

1. At least an associate degree from an accredited institution

2. Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA for all college-level credits

3. Completion of 30 general education requirement (GER) credits with a grade of 2.0 or greater, inclusive of the GER-designated required course below.

4. Completion of the following required courses with a grade of 2.0 or greater:

  • English Composition I (ENGL& 101 or higher) (GER-CM)
  • College-level math with statistics emphasis (MATH& 146 or its equivalent) (GER-QS)
  • Introduction to Business (BUS& 101) (GER-SS)
  • Business Law (BUS& 201) (GER-SS)
  • Microeconomics (ECON& 201) (GER-SS)
  • Macroeconomics (ECON& 202) (GER-SS)
  • Principles of Accounting I and II (ACCT& 201 and ACCT& 202)
  • Computer literacy course (CIS 130 or equivalent)

5. For international students: TOEFL iBT 72, Writing 18; IELTS 6.0, Writing 5.0

6. Professional intent statement, 250 words maximum: Explain professional goals and how these will be served by a BAS-ABM degree.

7. Resume 

8. Unofficial transcripts from accredited college-level institution(s). Official transcripts required for admission.

9. Completion of Pierce College application for admission to the BAS-ABM program. 

Graduation Requirements

• 2.0 minimum grade in all upper-division BAS-ABM courses

• 2.5 minimum GPA for program*

• Minimum of 60 earned credits in upper-division (300/400-level) courses

• Minimum of 60 approved college-level GER credits earned at both the associate and BAS-ABM levels

• Minimum of 96 approved BAS-ABM program credits

• Meet all other Pierce College graduation expectations

*Students enter the program with at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA. This program minimum aligns with most bachelor in business graduation expectations.  It is important to note, however, that most MBA programs require at least a 3.0 GPA and above for admissions purposes. Students seeking to advance to graduate studies should strive to achieve this expectation.

1. Survey of Environmental Science

2. Systems Theory and Applied Business Management

  • Course purpose: This course explores systems theory and its multidisciplinary applications in modern-day management, leadership, and organizational processes and contrasts these to other theoretical orientations. You will gain insight on the interrelated nature of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling functions of management.

3. Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Action Item: Meet with Advisor

Use you Success Network! In your first quarter, meet with your advisor to revisit your career and transfer path, make adjustments to your goals as needed, and plan for your next steps.

4. Technical Writing

  • Course purpose: Foundation course to learn the principles of organizing, developing and expressing technical information.


  • Note: Your advisor will assist you in reviewing your Guided Self Placement and selecting either the 5-credit or the 7-credit co-requisite ENGL& 101 + ENGLC 101 course. 

5. Applied Human Resource Development

6. Economic Geography

7. Humanities Course Recommendation

Choose one

8. Project Management - Feasibility and Life Cycle

9. Applied Business Analysis

10. Spreadsheet Applications I

  • Course purpose: Business sectors throughout the world use Microsoft Excel to organize, analyze, and interpret data and market trends. Employers value professionals who have solid skills in the software’s functionalities. Successful completion of this course prepares you to take the first level Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam.

11. Natural Science Course Recommendation

Choose one

Action Item: Apply for Graduation

Way to go! It is time to apply for graduation. Visit the Pierce College Graduation website for details. https://www.pierce.ctc.edu/graduation

12. Marketing for Managers

  • Course purpose: Critical to this field is to have skills and knowledge to create marketing plans and deploy marketing communication strategies to effectively communicate, create, and capture value for the organization.

13. Applied Accounting for Managers

14. Spreadsheet Applications II

  • Course purpose: Business sectors throughout the world use Microsoft Excel to organize, analyze, and interpret data and market trends. Employers value professionals who have solid skills in the software’s functionalities. This course prepares you for the second level Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam. 

15. Business Strategy and Decision Making

  • Course purpose: Important to a business professional is applying systems thinking and analytical tools to diagnose strategic positions from multiple vantage points, evaluate alternative courses of action, and make evidence and criteria-based decisions.

16. Applied Operations and Logistics

17. Applied Financial Management

18. Applied Business Analytics I

19. Organizational Communication

20. Business Development and Negotiations

21. Strategic Management Capstone & Internship

  • Course purpose: This course brings together multiple principles and skills in such areas as operations, marketing, and finance. You will complete a major project where you define and employ multi-faceted strategies to address an organizational problem or capture a compelling market opportunity (entrepreneurship).

Total Credits 96

Program Code: 50B

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