2022-2023 Pierce College Catalog 
    Oct 02, 2023  
2022-2023 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Fitness Coach Certificate Course Map

Created by Pierce faculty, this map outlines the initial coursework for this career field. It provides you a clear path to complete your certificate by listing a specific set of courses relevant to your program and career. The map is designed with the appropriate number of credits and meets certificate requirements. Courses are organized in a recommended sequence; please schedule accordingly. If a course is unavailable, select the next appropriate course within the sequence. For each course, a purpose statement explains how the content relates to your career field. On this map, there may be instances when you will be required to select a course from several options. Use these purpose statements and notes to choose the course that best aligns with your interests and needs. You will also find action items to complete to assure you progress and graduate on time. While this map is a great guide to courses required to complete the Fitness Coach Certificate, you are responsible for fulfilling all certificate requirements. Questions? Your Success Network is ready to help you!

1. Anatomy & Physiology Health/Fitness Professionals

2. Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

3. Essentials of Weight Management

  • Course purpose: Recent estimated indicate that 68% of U.S. adults are classified as either overweight or obese Obesity rates are highest in certain ethnic and gender groups.  This course is designed to examine this data and the health implications that have precipitated due to this.  Lifestyle intervention strategies, physical activity and other considerations are examined in this course. 

4. Sport and Exercise Psychology

  • Course purpose: This course is designed to introduce students to the study of behavioral characteristics of individuals in sport and exercise environments.  This course guides students to examine the interventions and relevant elements of theory associated with behavior change, and adherence to exercise. 

5. Coaching Techniques and Business Basics

  • Course purpose: This course additionally builds on a client-centered approach of lifestyle coaching and introduces students to the unique opportunities in the fitness industry by having them explore their career path, educational requirements and credentialing to be successful.  Business plan basics and cover letter and resume development are important outcomes for this course. 

6. CPR for the Professional Rescuer First Aid & Blood Borne Pathogens

7. Introduction to Personal Wellness

  • Course purpose: This course is an overview of human health and wellness and focusses on student development of self-empowerment in relation to health promotion, disease prevention and other wellness topics.  Students will engage in self-assessment activities to promote enhanced health and wellness for themselves and others. 

Total Credits: 20