2023-2024 Pierce College Catalog 
    Jun 14, 2024  
2023-2024 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Construction Management (BAS-CM) Course Map

Students who complete the Associate in Construction Management can seamlessly transition into the Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management (BAS-CM).  The BAS-CM provides greater depth into the skills and knowledge needed to gain employment within the construction management field. This degree includes building information modeling. 


Program entry requirements:

  • Associate degree in construction management or related field

CIP Code: 52.2001

ctcLink Plan Code: CONCMBAS

Total Credits: 90

1. Surveying, Earthwork, and Infrastructure

2. Construction Industry Relationship Building

3. Social Science

Choose one.

  • Course Purpose: This course will help prepare students for specific business and construction courses. The class offers an overview of the globalized nature of today’s business and its major functions of operations and finance needed to manage a construction project. 

  • Course Purpose: As a construction management professional you need to have knowledge of supply and demand of products and the skills to determine prices in a market economy to anticipate economic changes which could impact how you develop project estimates, plan, and manage projects. 

  • Course Purpose: You will learn about the allocation of resources, supply, and demand, labor, capital markets and international trade. This is essential knowledge when developing estimates. 

  • Course Purpose: Construction is an indicator of the economy doing well or not doing well. Having knowledge of the US economy will help you plan for employment opportunities and dips. Understanding macroeconomics also aids in keeping business afloat by creating accurate 3–5-year projections for resources and projects. 

Action Item: Meet with Advisor

Use your Success Network! In your first quarter, meet with your advisor to revisit your career and transfer path, adjust your goals as needed, and plan for your next steps. 

4. Concrete and Foundation

  • Course Purpose: You will become familiar with concrete types used in commercial buildings and the type of foundations required for typical building sites and environmental surroundings.  

5. Communications and Conflict Resolution

6. Introduction to Ethics

  • Course Purpose: Construction Managers should be guided in all their relationships by the highest standard of integrity and honesty with their ethical practices, professional excellence, responsibility to the public and should ethically represent the best interests of the owner with our standards. 

7. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Suppression (MEPF)

8. Budgeting and Accounting for CM Projects

9. Organizational Communication

  • Course Purpose: In this course, you learn how to use communication practices to effectively navigate internal and external systems to resolve corporate dilemmas and project-based construction project opportunities and concerns. 

10. Virtual Construction Modeling

  • Course Purpose: Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)\Building Information Modeling (BIM) are introduced with basic modeling tools and platforms. You will gain an understanding of how these construction management processes improve the coordination and control of a construction project.  

Action Item: Apply for Graduation

Way to go! It is time to apply for graduation. Visit the Pierce College Graduation website for details.

11. Means and Methods II

  • Course Purpose: You will learn the technical aspects of construction systems, including the procedures and methods for masonry, steel, wood, and concrete construction. The latest trends in construction materials are also covered. 

12. Critical Thinking

  • Course Purpose: To introduce students to logic and critical thinking emphasizing real-life examples, natural language applications and informal logical fallacies. 

13. Estimating II

  • Course Purpose: This course will expand student skills in new topics of construction estimating and bidding. It will focus on the bidding procedures with students from the receipt of the bidding documents, through work breakdown, work qualifications, pricing and bid submittal for several types of contracts.  

14. Planning and Scheduling II

  • Course Purpose: The course covers planning and scheduling with an emphasis on the work breakdown structure, work breakdown structure quality, principles, and concepts of best practices for scheduling and developing a project schedule.  

15. Ethnic Thought and Culture

  • Course Purpose: Students will be provided a multicultural studies approach to the diversity, complexity and contradictions of the American ethnic experience as expressed in the arts and humanities for managing construction projects.  

16. Virtual Construction Integration with Estimating and Scheduling

17. Internship or Capstone

Choose one.

18. Natural Science with Lab

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  • Course Purpose: Understanding of soils and rocks helps with selecting appropriate types of building foundations, building sites and environmental processes needed for the construction project. 

  • Course Purpose: Understanding the Earth with emphasis on geologic hazards such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, and flooding. You will learn about resources such as energy, water and materials and the disposal of waste and pollution to keep sites safe and become a leader in taking care of the environment.  

  • Course Purpose: You will learn the physical principles that will impact the construction project.

Total Credits: 90

CIP Code: 52.2001

ctcLink Plan Code: CONCMBAS