2018-2019 Pierce College Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2018-2019 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science (AA-DTA) Course Map

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Created by Pierce faculty, this map outlines the initial coursework for this career field and for transfer to a four-year institution. It provides you a clear path to complete your degree by listing a specific set of courses relevant to your program and career. The map is designed with the appropriate number of credits and meets degree requirements. Courses are organized in a recommended sequence; please schedule accordingly. If a course is unavailable, select the next appropriate course within the sequence. If you want to change a course on this map you must speak with an advisor to assure you meet all degree requirements. For each course, a purpose statement explains how the content relates to your career field. On this map, there may be instances when you will be required to select a course from several options. Use these purpose statements and notes to choose the course that best aligns with your interests and needs. You will also find action items to complete to assure you progress and graduate on time.  While this map is a great guide to courses required to complete an Associate of Arts - Direct Transfer Agreement (AA-DTA)   Degree, you are responsible for fulfilling all degree requirements. Questions? Your Success Network is ready to help you!

Important note about transfer: colleges and universities may change their requirements at any time, so this map is not a guarantee of transfer. You will need to check transfer requirements with your intended four-year school. 

1. College Success

  • Course purpose: A foundational course to explore and affirm a career choice and build upon the skills, knowledge, and resources that will support you at Pierce College and beyond.

2. Research Essentials

  • Course purpose: This course will aid you in two areas. It will help you develop the skills to distinguish reliable from unreliable information, which is particularly critical in today’s political environment. It will also aid in developing the ability to research college papers which are a critical aspect of coursework, particularly in upper-level political science coursework.

3. English Composition I

  • Course purpose: Clear and strategic communication with others is a central feature of all careers connected to political science. The skills you will learn in ENGL& 101 are invaluable for later course work in the pathway.

Action Item: Meet with Advisor

Use your Success Network! In your first quarter, meet with your advisor to revisit your career and transfer path, make adjustments to your goals as needed, and plan for your next steps.

4. Introduction to Political Science

5. Math Course Recommendation

The math course you select will depend on the transfer institution you plan to attend and your math placement.  Your advisor will assist you in selecting the appropriate course(s).

Mathematics Courses   

6. Communication Course Recommendation

Choose one

7. Social Science Course Recommendation

Choose one

8. Survey of Environmental Science

  • Course purpose: Environmental issues are an increasingly critical element of the collective decisions that form the core of political science. The critical thinking element of this course will be important in developing the ability to distinguish valid arguments from logical fallacies.

9. English Composition II

  • Course purpose: This course will allow you to learn a number of the most important core ability goals identified in the learning inventory for communications classes:  expressing complex ideas, present a persuasive argument for contested idea, present options for dealing with current issues, effective advocacy and appropriate use of accurate information.

10. American Government

  • Course purpose: For most people this is the political science class most closely related to their own lives and interests. It is of central importance to the discipline, you should take this class in your first year. This is political science’s version of English Composition.

Action Item: Apply for Graduation

Way to go! It is time to apply for graduation. Visit the Pierce College Graduation website for details. https://www.pierce.ctc.edu/graduation

11. Natural Science Course Recommendation

Choose one

12. History/Education Course Recommendation

Choose one

  • Course purpose: The historical perspective provided by this course will help you learn multi-cultural concepts, particularly inequities based on cultural privilege/disadvantage. This course looks at the period of time when the US constitution was written and key political institutions were created. It would be ideal if you are  interested in American politics.

  • Course purpose: The historical perspective provided by this course will help you learn multi-cultural concepts, particularly inequities based on cultural privilege/disadvantage. This course focuses on the creation of the modern world and the expansion of European state system and world economy. It is recommended if you are interested in international or comparative politics.

13. Introduction to Ethics

  • Course purpose: Philosophy trains you to think clearly about how to evaluate the moral choices that citizens must make.  You will learn to productively interact with people holding different views and also to present information on political topics in a way that is clear and engaging.

14. Introduction to International Relations

  • Course purpose: This is the third of the foundational political science courses offered at Pierce College. It is especially important for its treatment of multicultural issues in a global framework and the international context it provides for the student’s understanding of American politics.

15. Humanities Course Recommendation

Choose one

16. Anthropology Course Recommendation

Choose one

  • Course purpose: These courses will develop the your cultural competencies for understanding and dealing productively with difference. This is a key skill for success in each of the recommended careers for the major. ANTH& 106 is recommended for students interested in careers in politics, government, law and administration. ANTH& 206 is recommended for students interested in education, or international work.

17. Natural Science Course Recommendation

Choose one

18. Social Science/Education Course Recommendation

Choose one

19. Social Science/World Language Course Recommendation

Choose one

Total Credits: 90

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