2022-2023 Pierce College Catalog 
    May 19, 2024  
2022-2023 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology DTA/MRP Degree Requirements

This pathway is applicable to students planning to prepare for upper division Bachelor’s degree majors in Biology. Many students transfer to baccalaureate institutions after completing the Associate Degree Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA); this pathway does not alter that agreement or the possibility that students may continue to follow this path. This Biology MRP streamlines and facilitates preparation for upper division course work in Biology across the state.

Degree Outcomes 

General Degree Requirements

  • Minimum of 90 credits earned in courses numbered 100 or above is required to complete the Associate in Biology DTA/MRP degree.
  • ENGL& 101 English Composition I  - required
  • COLLG 110 College Success  required during the first or second quarter of attendance
  • Earn the lesser of (at least) 20 college level credits or 25% of the credits applicable to the degree or certificate at Pierce College
  • Cumulative college-level grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher is required
  • 1.5 grade (C-) or higher is required for all coursework, unless stated otherwise
  • “Pass” (P) grades, independent study and cooperative work experience/work-based learning credits may be used for general elective credits only
  • Once a course has been successfully completed, credits earned may be used in only one category

Core Requirements

Communications (10 Credits)

ENGL& 101 requires a 2.0 or higher grade. Second communications course requires a 1.5 or higher grade.

Select one:

Quantitative Skills (5 Credits)

Requires a 1.5 or higher grade.

Intermediate algebra proficiency leading to a pre-calculus math course is required. Intermediate algebra proficiency may be demonstrated by successful completion of a calculus and/or statistics course for which intermediate algebra is a prerequisite.

*Statistics may substitute for Calculus 1 at some institutions; students are encouraged to check with the transfer institution early in the decision process to confirm requirements.

Select one:

  • *

  • Note: The math course you select will depend on the Career Pathway Map you are following, the transfer institution/degree that you select, and your math placement guidance. Your advisor will assist you in selecting the relevant 5 or 7 credit course(s) based upon co-requisite options.


    Note: It is recommended students finish MATH&142 or higher regardless of which course they choose in this category in order to transfer to a Biology program at University of Washington, Pacific Lutheran University, and Wesetern Washington University. 

Humanities (15 Credits)

Requires a 1.5 or higher grade. Select from at least two disciplines. Nor more than five credits from performance skills and no more than five credits are allowed in world language.

Humanities Performance/Skills

Social Sciences (15 Credits)

Requires a 1.5 or higher grade. Select from at least two disciplines.

Natural Sciences (30 Credits)

Requires a 1.5 grade or higher. A full year sequence at a single college is the best preparation for the baccalaureate biology degree.

General Electives (15 Credits)

Minimum grade of 1.0 is required. Additional college-level courses so that the total credits earned is a least 90 credits. May include pre-requisites for major courses, additional coursework, or specific general education or other university requirements. A maximum of three PE activity credits can be applied to this degree.

  • required with a 2.0 or higher grade

  • Note: The College Success course you select will depend on the Career Pathway Map you are following. Your advisor will assist you in selecting either the 3- or 5- credit version of the course. Should you choose to repeat a College Success course you must enroll in a College Success course with the same credit amount as the original course; a COLLG 110 course grade can only be replaced with a grade from another COLLG 110 course and a COLLG 115 course grade can only be replaced with a grade from another COLLG 115 course. 

  • PE 

  • Note: For transfer to Biology at Pacific Lutheran University,  3 PE courses are required. 

Total Credits 90

Program Code: ABT

Last Revision - July 2018


  • Admission application deadlines vary; students must meet the deadline for the university or universities to which they plan to apply for transfer admission.
  • Certain schools may have additional university-specific requirements that are not prerequisites to admission to the Biology major but will need to be completed prior to graduation. Contact with advisors from individual schools for institutional requirements is highly recommended since this DTA may not meet every institution specific graduation requirement.
  • Certain schools may have additional university-specific requirements for admission to the institution that are not prerequisites specifically identified in the DTA requirements. 
  • In order to better prepare for successful transfer, students are encouraged to consult with the institution(s) to which they wish to transfer regarding the humanities and social science courses that best support or may be required as prerequisites to their Biology curriculum.
  • Students should check with the transfer institution prior to taking any further biology courses beyond the one-year sequence. Some colleges require all continuing biology courses be taken at the 300 level.