2022-2023 Pierce College Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2022-2023 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business DTA-MRP Degree Requirements

This transfer degree ensures that a student who completes the Associate in Business – DTA/MRP degree will have satisfied the lower division general education requirements and lower division business requirements at the baccalaureate institutions.

This articulated degree for the business major is specific to public institutions; however, since the degree follows the statewide articulated DTA and is designated in the title on the transcript, it will be accepted for admission to private institutions in the same manner as any other DTA-based degree.

Degree Outcomes 

General Degree Requirements

  • Minimum of 90 credits earned in courses numbered 100 or above is required to complete the Associate in Business DTA/MRP.
  • ENGL& 101     English Composition I - required
  • COLLG 110   College Success required during the first or second quarter of attendance
  • Earn the lesser of (at least) 20 college level credits or 25% of the credits applicable to the degree or certificate at Pierce College
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better
  • Minimum grade for business major-related courses is a 2.0 (major-related courses: ECON 201, ECON 202, ACCT 201, ACCT 202, ACCT 203, and BUS& 201)
  • 1.5 grade (C-) or higher is required for all coursework, unless stated otherwise
  • “Pass” (P) grades, independent study and cooperative work experience/work-based learning credits may be used for general elective credits only
  • Once a course has been successfully completed, credits earned may be used in only one category

Core Requirements

Communication Skills (10 Credits)

ENGL& 101 requires a 2.0 grade or higher. Second communications course requires a 1.5 or higher grade. Must include a least five credits of English composition. Remaining credits may be used for an additional composition course or designated writing courses or courses in basic speaking skills (e.g. speech, rhetoric, or debate).

To meet current EWU requirements, the second English Composition course must be equivalent to EWU’s English 201 - College Composition: Analysis, Research, and Documentation.

Select one:

Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning Skills (10-15 Credits)

The MATH& 147 and MATH& 148 sequence is recommended for most business transfer students.
Statewide Business DTA states: 5 credits of business calculus (e.g. MATH& 148), calculus I (e.g. MATH& 151) or a higher level math that includes calculus as a prerequisite.  The other 5 credits may include finite math or pre-calculus prerequisites for calculus or other courses to prepare for business calculus. 


Humanities (15 Credits)

Courses require a 1.5 grade or higher. Selected from at least two disciplines. No more than 10 credits allowed from any one discipline. No more than five credits in world language at the 100 level, and no more than five credits in performance/skills courses are allowed. 

Students pursuing an international business major should consult their potential transfer institutions regarding the level of world language required for admission to the major.

Students are encouraged to include a speech or oral communication course (not small group communication.)

Humanities Performance/Skills

Social Sciences (15 Credits)

Courses require a 1.5 grade or higher. Select from at least two disciplines. Nor more than ten credits allowed from any one discipline. Minimum grade for required business major-related courses ECON& 201 and ECON& 202; is a 2.0 or higher.

Natural Sciences (15-18 Credits)

Courses require a 1.5 grade or higher. Select from at least two disciplines. No more than ten credits allowed from any one discipline. Select at least ten credits in physical, biological and/or earth sciences. Must include at least one laboratory course indicated by an Ⓛ. MATH& 146  is required.

Students intending the manufacturing management major at WWU should consult WWU regarding the selection of natural science courses required for admission to the major.

Business/Specific Course/GTE (20 Credits)

Minimum grade for business major-related courses is a grade of 2.0 or higher.

Universities with a lower division Business Law requirement: UW (all campuses), WSU (all campuses), EWU, CWU, WWU, Gonzaga, SMU, SPU and Whitworth. The following institutions do not require a lower division elective, but generally not as an equivalent to the course required at the upper division: Heritage, PLU, SU, and Walla Walla University.

International students who completed a business law course specific to their home country must take a business law course at a U.S. institution in order to demonstrate proficiency in U.S. business law.

General Electives (5 Credits)

Maximum of five credits of courses numbered 100 and above may be applied to this requirement. See notes below or check four-year information for appropriate elective course needed — e.g., a world language or computer course requirement. A maximum of three physical activity (PE) credits can be applied to this degree.

Four institutions have requirements for admission to the major that go beyond those specified above. Students can meet these requirements by careful selection of the elective university course equivalent to UW (all campuses): Management Information Systems - MIS 250, Gonzaga: Management Information Systems - BMIS 235, PLU: Computer Applications - CSCE 120, either an equivalent course or skills test, SPU: Spreadsheet - BUS 1700 or equivalent course skills test.

  • required with a 2.0 or higher grade

  • Note: The College Success course you select will depend on the Career Pathway Map you are following. Your advisor will assist you in selecting either the 3- or 5- credit version of the course. Should you choose to repeat a College Success course you must enroll in a College Success course with the same credit amount as the original course; a COLLG 110 course grade can only be replaced with a grade from another COLLG 110 course and a COLLG 115 course grade can only be replaced with a grade from another COLLG 115 course. 

Total Credits Required 90-98

  • Minimum grade-point average requirements are established by each institution. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Business programs are competitive and may require a higher GPA overall, a higher GPA in a selected subset of courses or a specific grade in one or more courses.
  • Students who enrolled prior to Fall 2012 have a two-year grace period to transfer.
  • Other college-level courses, of which a maximum of 15 credits may be in college-level courses as defined by the community college and the remainder shall be fully transferable as defined by the receiving institution. Where appropriate, preparation courses for the major should be included in this course work.

Program Code: ASBT