2019-2020 Pierce College Catalog 
    Oct 07, 2022  
2019-2020 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing (ADN) Course Map

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Created by Pierce faculty, this map outlines the initial coursework for this career field. It provides you a clear path to complete your degree by listing a specific set of courses relevant to your program and career.  The map is designed with the appropriate number of credits and meets degree requirements. Courses are organized in a recommended sequence; please schedule accordingly. If a course is unavailable, select the next appropriate course within the sequence. For each course, a purpose statement explains how the content relates to your career field. On this map, there may be instances when you will be required to select a course from several options. Use these purpose statements and notes to choose the course that best aligns with your interests and needs. You will also find action items to complete to assure you progress and graduate on time.  While this map is a great guide to courses required to complete the Associate of Nursing (ADN), you are responsible for fulfilling all degree requirements.  Questions? Your Success Network is ready to help you!

Applicants must meet general entrance requirements for Pierce College as well as the specific pre-nursing course requirements. Prerequisite courses typically take one to two years depending on the number of credits taken per quarter. Some nursing prerequisite courses may have prerequisites. Check with the college early to plan a specific course of study.

The application deadline for admission to the nursing program is set annually. Check the nursing program website for up-to-date information at www.pierce.ctc.edu/dept/nursing. No waiting list is established. For the traditional ADN program, the admission committee selects students in early spring for a fall start. For the LPN-RN option, the admission committee selects students in late fall for a spring start. Evaluation of a student’s application is based on the following: 1) each prerequisite science course, ENGL& 101 and PSYC& 200 being completed with a 3.0 or higher; 2) other college courses completed for additional points in the application process with a 2.0 or higher; 3) designated tests; 4) one recommendation; 5) essays that are scored according to a faculty established rubric and 5) resume (see nursing program website for more specific details).

Prospective students who have proof of unencumbered Washington State LPN license may apply. A full cohort of LPN-RN students will be accepted each spring quarter. The application process for the LPN-RN option is the same as the process for the traditional ADN student. Please see the nursing advisor for more information.

There are additional courses recommended for students planning to continue their education to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It is recommended that the applicant make an appointment with an advisor to make sure the planned course of study meets the program’s admission requirements. The pre-nursing advisor’s number is (253) 840-8355.

Graduates of the Pierce College Nursing Program who successfully pass the NCLEX examination for RN licensure may apply to the University of Washington Tacoma or St. Martins University to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. An articulation agreement is in place and students who plan to transfer should work closely with their Pierce College advisor to make sure that all requirements are met.

The pre-nursing course requirements apply to other allied health fields or to an associate degree for transfer to a four-year institution should a student change fields or not be accepted into the nursing program.


1. College Success

  • Course purpose:  A foundational course to explore and affirm a career choice and build upon the skills, knowledge, and resources that will support you at Pierce College and beyond.

2. English Composition I

3. General Psychology

  • Course purpose: Nurses need to understand the basics of psychology and the human social experience and behavior with introduction to emotion, perception, neurological influences, learning and intelligence.

4. Preparatory Chemistry

Action Item: Meet with Advisor

Use your Success Network! In your first quarter, meet with your advisor to revisit your career and transfer path, make adjustments to your goals as needed, and plan for your next steps.

5. General Biology w/Lab

6. Lifespan Psychology

  • Course purpose: Nurses need to understand normal transition of aging across the lifespan in order to effectively work with patients at various stages of their development. 

Action Item: Recommended Courses

Decide to take recommended courses prior to program application - transfer ready and may garner extra points on Pierce College Nursing Program Application.

7. Introduction to Chemistry

  • Course purpose: Nurses need this to understand the key concepts of synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds.  This is essential to understand human physiology and how medications react physiologically.

8. Human A & P I

9. Human A & P II

10. Microbiology

  • Course purpose: Nurses need this to understand the microbiological principles of cellular function.  This will be essential in understanding physiology and pathophysiology of disease process. 

Action Item: Recommended Courses

Decide to take recommended courses prior to program application - transfer ready and may garner extra points on Pierce College Nursing Program Application.

11. Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry

12. Introduction to Statistics

13. Composition II: Argumentation and Research

  • Course purpose: Writing and analyzing argumentative essays that logically support and develop a claim (thesis); writing a research paper using the MLA or APA style of documentation; researching data using the latest research tools available, including electronic data bases and the Internet; becoming information competent.

14. World Language 1

If not completed in High School.

15. World Language 2

Total Prerequisite Credits 32-76

16. First Year

Apply for Graduation

Way to go! It is time to apply for graduation. Visit the Pierce College Graduation website for details. https://www.pierce.ctc.edu/graduation

17. Second Year

Total Credits for First and Second Year - 78

Total Minimum Credits Needed to Earn Nursing ADN - 110

Program Code: 323

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