2023-2024 Pierce College Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2023-2024 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ENGL 256 Advanced Composition-Portfolio (2 credits)

Prerequisite ENGL& 101  with a 2.0 or better, and two of the following courses: ENGL& 102 , ENGL 107 , ENGL& 235 , or JOURN 102  with a 2.0 or better.

Course Description
Advanced study in rhetoric concentrating on the revision process in writing and editing. Required capstone course for student completion of Pierce College’s Written Communication Endorsement.

Course Content
A. Rhetorical studies (audience and purpose, thesis articulation, modes, appeals, structure)
B. The revision process
C. Punctuation, grammar, mechanics, diction, tone, and syntax
D. Research documentation

Student Outcomes
1. Write self-critiques and/or peer critiques of student-generated texts based upon a rhetorical analysis of purpose and audience.

2. Revise student-generated texts by applying specific rhetorical strategies.

3. Apply the strategic use of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics in the composition process.

4. Apply appropriate documentation of research in revised compositions.

Degree Outcomes
Communication: Graduates identify, analyze, and evaluate rhetorical strategies in one’s own and others’ writing in order to communicate effectively.

Effective Communication: Graduates will be able to exchange messages in a variety of contexts using multiple methods.

Lecture Contact Hours 20
Lab Contact Hours 0
Clinical Contact Hours 0
Total Contact Hours 20

Potential Methods
A. Essays
B. Class portfolio of student writings
C. Exams and writing samples
D. Peer reviews

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