2023-2024 Pierce College Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2023-2024 Pierce College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MUSC 107 Audio Production I: Beginning (2.5 credits)

Formerly MUSIC 107

Course Description
An introductory, hands-on course that covers the basics of midi sequencing, sound reinforcement, microphone construction and application, signal processing equipment, and analog multi-track recording.

Course Content
A. Musical instrument digital interface (midi) sequencing
B. Combining midi sequencing with analog and digital recordings
C. Basic sound systems
D. Microphone fundamentals
E. Signal processing equipment
F. Analog multi-track recording
G. Introduction to digital recording

Student Outcomes
1. Create “midi” sequencing tracks.

2. Combine “midi” sequencing tracks with analog and digital recordings.

3. Identify the fundamental components and explain the operation of a basic sound reinforcement system.

4. Recall basic information regarding the construction and application of select microphones

5. Identify and define the purpose of select signal processing equipment used in multi-track recording.

6. Produce an analog multi-track recording.

7. Recite the basics of digital audio recording.

Degree Outcomes
Humanities: Graduates acquire critical skills to interpret, analyze, and evaluate forms of human expression, which can include creation and performance as an expression of human experience.

Information Competency: Graduates will be able to seek, find, evaluate and use information and employ information technology to engage in lifelong learning.

Lecture Contact Hours 10
Lab Contact Hours 30
Clinical Contact Hours 0
Total Contact Hours 40

Potential Methods
A. Written test
B. Performance
C. Class discussion
D. Teacher observation
E. Teacher feedback
F. Attendance
G. Peer evaluation
H. Self-evaluation
I. Oral exam
J. Class participation

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